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Outstanding open platform with 6S values

  • Simple: Easy to use automatically
  • Smart: full support to your bussiness through intelligent dashboard and tools
  • Speed: high speed not only in system but also in payment
  • Seductive: assist your business better than an business assistant
  • Scale: easy to scale up
  • Secure: secure by Geo TRUST


1Pay is taking mobile payment in Vietnam to the next level
“With mobile on the rise and payment still a black hole, is mobile payment the killer app that will become the PayPal of Asia? 1Pay from Vietnam seems to think so. The startup, which just came into being earlier this year, is focused solely on mobile payments mainly for digital goods.”
The 5 Southeast Asian startup winners at DEMO ASEAN
“This past weekend has been huge for Vietnam’s startup scene with the running of DEMO ASEAN. The event, which has been organized for over 20 years across the world and is at the heart of the Silicon Valley, has finally come to Southeast Asia...”



January 16th

  • Going into operarion

September 2nd

  • 1Pay won the FIRST PRIZE of Asia Demo competition.


April 1st

  • Over 1000 Merchants joined 1Pay system.

August 15th

  • Reached the number of 500+ Games and Applications that have already been integrated with payment methods of 1Pay

November 10th

  • 1Pay has cooperated successfully with 33 OverSea Partners form 8 different countries


March 20th

  • 1Pay headquatered in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

May 1st

  • 3000+ Merchants have enrolled in 1Pay's system

September 7th

  • Welcome more new products of 1Pay, 1Pay E-wallet and many other developing project

August 20th

  • 1Pay presented new interface that is designed for international market.

August 22th

  • 1Pay is the golden sponsor at Event Magento